The First Taichi Panda Expansion with the New Class Fox Mage! Also including: - Guild 2.0 (Guild System Upgrades) - New Pets (4 to help you fight) - Title System (Warriors can now show off their achievements) - Equipment Surge (Amour imbued with attribute bonuses makes you more powerful) - Pet Awaking (Pets can now learn new skills when you level up) - Real time Voice (Your hands are now free from typing) - Outfits (Keep your Swag level up) - 3 new player modes

Decathlon Decathlon brings you an even smoother and richer PvP combat experience. Because neither your character's nor your pet's health will be recovered in the Decathlon, this mode is only recommended for seasoned warriors! Newbies beware!

Seabed Scramble Seabed Scramble is a brand new real-time multi-player battlefield

Relic Rumble The highlight of the Guild System in the new expansion is Relic Rumble. In Relic Rumble, you’ll need to work closely with your guildmates in battle!