Team InstanceEdit

Team Instance is something that costs Fortitude and is multiplayer, when you go to the fortitude section, you will see it on the very top right hand corner and when you click it, you get a big selection.


Most of the time, they all have requirements, they go by ones you have completed, your might, and your level.

Everyone starts with Demon realm, then when you complete that, you unlock Demon realm hard, and so on.


Regular Team Instance battles are a bit easier and give less rewards than hard Team Instance Battles.

Regular ones don't give you warrior certificates.

The boss doesn't regenerate health.


Hard Team Instance battles are different from regular ones.

These battles give you warrior certificates and the boss also regenerates health and has a couple new attacks unlike regular does.

These are better to do than regular in my opinion because they give you certificates no matter what Battle it is.

Warrior storeEdit

The Warrior store is where you can spend your warrior certificates on things from runes to costumes shards to pet soulstones.

You can also reset the store early if you have enough warrior certificates.

Cost: 20


Note: these are not all of them, these are just a few examples.

  • Demon realm
  • Demon realm hard
  • Forgotten realm
  • Forgotten realm hard
  • Sword essence
  • Sword essence hard
  • Absolute zero
  • Absolute zero hard
  • Soul stealers 
  • Soul stealers hard