One bad, brawling monkey. The hero from Chinese legend joins the fight for Avzar.

Base StatsEdit

Base Stats
Health 3000
Damage 320


Skill Description Base Output
Basic Attack Beats enemies with his golden staff, dealing 185% damage to those in front of him TBA
Skybound Slams the ground multiple times, launching enemies into the air. Deals 55% damage, with the final hit dealing 165% damage. TBA
Doppelganger Two more Sun Wukong’s join the fight, with 80% Health and Attack of the real Sun Wukong TBA

Rare SkillEdit

Transform: Player turns into Sun Wukong for 25 seconds, with special skills and a damage boost of 30%.

You can learn more about how to calculate the damage from different skills by visiting the page on Calculating Damage