Throughout the land, there are a number of resources and materials that you will need in your adventures. These different items can be used to acquire gear, upgrade equipment and pets, and purchase various things within the world.


Gold is one of the most basic resources available. It is used in nearly every action – leveling up pets, upgrading equipment and skills, etc. Gold is often dropped by enemies, and can be acquired in a variety of ways throughout the world.


Diamonds are a rare and valuable commodity. Diamonds can be used to purchase special items in the store, invested to get a return of more diamonds, and used to get high level gear in Legendary Chance Prizes.


A mysterious substance that can imbue equipment with power. Siderite is used to upgrade gear, when other gear is not available to use.

Refinement StonesEdit

Refinement Stones are a special stone used to empower equipment with a higher refinement.


In order to acquire and upgrade Pets, you’ll need to collect their souls in Soulstones. Collect 10 to get the pet, and use more to evolve them and unleash their potential.


Some items may not come to you whole. You may get them in little pieces. Collect enough of these to form a whole piece of gear, and apply some panda super glue for awesome equipment, good as new!

Surge PillsEdit

Surge Pills are highly potent pills that carry with them incredible power. Use them to Surge your pets, and unlock powerful extra skills.


Reputation is a resource you can get by challenging enemies in the Arena. Reputation can be used at the Arena store to buy equipment.................. sex


Crystals are a special material you can get by Smelting or Reforging equipment at the Market. They can be used to purchase special items at the Market.


Stardusts are used to raise Demigods. They can be found at the store, guild stores, and at the Battle Royale.