In Taichi Panda, players are able to play through a series of maps that are divided into 8 chapters. Each chapters has anywhere from 5-20 individual levels to play through. These levels come in several types: Basic Levels, Boss Levels, Elite Levels, and Challenge Levels.



Game PlayEdit

Manual PlayEdit

As in all things, players must start at the beginning. They will have to beat a given level manually before they will be able to try the next one. Each level has a series of encounters with enemies, ending with a powerful boss.

Players receive a score based on the time it takes to complete a level. Each level type has its own standard of achievement. For Basic Levels, completing the level is 3 minutes or more will receive 1 star, completing it within 2-3 minutes will receive 2 stars, and completing it in less than 2 minutes will get 3 stars. The end rewards will be reflected by the number of stars, with the best rewards going to 3-star performance. In addition, the timer starts once you select it to run, witch means that loading time, as well as 5 seconds of the time at the end counts into your level run time.


At the beginning of each level, the level description tells players some of the possible loot they could get. This is not the only loot available, but this loot is usually the best to be found in the instance. As players fight through the level, enemies will drop loot, which they must pick up in order to acquire. The better a player performs – by playing the level quickly and getting more stars – the more likely they’ll get more rewards, or the best rewards, from that list.

In addition to this loot, at the end of each level players will be able to try their luck on a random piece of loot. Players pick one of three cards, lying face-down. After the player chooses, the cards all turn over, showing the prize and also the reward they missed out on. 

Loot, gold, and experience gained from a level are dependent on the difficulty of the level. Each level has a Might Score recommendation, which describes the basic difficulty of the level. This doesn’t stop players with a lower Might Score from attempting and even beating the level, but it is more challenging.


Once a level has been beaten at 3-stars, players have the option to auto-run the level. Players can choose which levels to auto-run so as to gather certain rewards. The player will receive the potential rewards of running the event individually 5 times, based on the “Possible Rewards” listed in the window. This allows players to acquire certain materials, such as Soulstones or Breakthrough Pills faster and without having to re-run the levels manually.

Level TypesEdit

Basic Levels

Basic levels are represented on the map with a small red flag, and are the basic story-arc of the game. They are generally of an average difficulty, offering average rewards. The previous level must be completed to unlock the next Basic Level. These levels generally involve exploring a series of paths, fighting enemies, and defeating a boss at the end. Loot can be found along the way, and the Boss will usually drop a collection of loot reflective of the player’s performance. Players can attempt a Basic Level 5 times a day.

Boss Levels

Boss Levels are represented on the map by a picture of the boss. These levels are sometimes an integral part of the story-arc, requiring players to defeat the boss to progress. In some cases, they are special challenges, offering unique rewards if a player can defeat it. The boss will usually be assisted by other enemies, in some cases the bosses from previous Basic Levels or Boss Levels. Players can attempt a Boss Level 5 times a day. HI

Elite Levels

Elite Levels are represented on the map by a small golden icon of a skull with wings behind it, and the word “Elite” written. An Elite Level is similar to a Boss Level, in that it usually begins immediately with a boss fight. It is made more difficult by special abilities enabled for the boss and it’s supportive mobs. This can include devastatingly powerful area attacks, freeze or stunning abilities, or HP regeneration, creating special challenges to be overcome in beating them. Players can attempt an Elite Level 2 times a day, and Elite Levels cannot be auto-run.

Challenge Levels

Challenge levels are represented on the map by a treasure chest. These levels are unique, in that they have special goals rather than killing enemies and defeated bosses. In general, these levels require players to accomplish something within 1 minute, at which time the level will end. An example would be a Gold Challenge, in which a player must collect as much gold from the map as possible in 60 seconds. Another would be a Survival Challenge, in which a player must avoid dying by powerful enemies while collecting loot on the map. Players can attempt Challenge Levels only once a day, and Challenge Levels cannot be auto-run. These levels usually only have one reward.`