Lauren Catcher comes from an unknown and mysterious background. Little is known for certain about her sordid past, but for all her secrets one thing is clear – Lauren loves treasure.

Throughout the Norar Woods in the wilder stretches of Avzar, there are those who live by a code of greed. For these crafty adventurers, there is one thing that makes their heart beat a little faster, that throws a manic glint into their eyes: treasure. Perhaps second only to this is the thrill of thievery. These Treasure Hunters are known throughout the land for their agile fighting style and their skill with a blade. Wherever there is the hint of something shiny, the flicker of their shadow skirts subtly by for those who watch – always moving, ready for the snatch. It is in this world, it is believed, that Lauren grew up.

For a thrill seeker like Lauren, there is one score that sits above all the others, the mack daddy of all treasure troves. According to the seer Aria, unfathomable riches are hidden within the great kingdom of the evil Dark Prince. This wealth is her’s for the taking, so long as Lauren helps uncover the mystery of Vallar and defeat the evil that threatens Avzar. A fair trade-off, in Lauren’s mind.


Tornado Whip

When Lauren is feeling overwhelmed and needs a bit of breathing room, she hurls her Tornado Whip for a fearsome ranged attack!

Dragon's Wrath

Lauren can dash forth and kick up a storm with her Dragon's Wrath attack! For added efficiency and deadliness, she can slam straight down onto her opponents, knives first of course.

Flickering Shadow

Lauren is quick and agile. Knowing this, she moves like a shadow and flickers and darts everywhere!

Shadow Swipe

Lauren's shadow swipe is quick and deadly. She can jump from one opponent to the next constantly cutting and stabbing them as she goes!