Gunslinger is a Character is Taichi Panda.
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Gunslinger character

He is a ranged character like Fox Mage but instead of a wand, he has pistols that are like old western ones.

He appears to be a lone person of some sort doing his own thing.

Main attacksEdit

Gunslinger uses his pistols in a various amount of ways.

Gunslinger using his main attack

He Shoots with one hand straight and then the other, he uses both pistols at once to shoot in front of him, and he also uses his pistols to shoot on the left and right sides of him and it repeats.

Special movesEdit

1. Floating Bomb

Floating Bomb is a good special for gunslinger because it deals a good amount of damage in one shots and hits multiple enemies without stopping, making it a fair weapon.

2. Element power

This attack gives gunslinger a slight advantage when he uses it, when the player activates this move, it will spin the wheel and when you tap, you get a certain one.

Ice, Fire, and Electric damage can be selected, Fire triggers fire on the enemy, Ice makes the enemy vulnerable because sometimes it has a crit type thing and the enemy freezes in place, then electricity makes you get a speed boost when you hit the enemy with basic attack.

3. Super kick

Gunslinger's super kick is good for close up combat, of there is someone in front of you that is a melee character, you can use that and damage them and get behind them and continue the Battle with a small advantage.

4. Smoke Screen

This weapon is good for gunslinger's set of specials because when he launches it, not only does he do damage to an enemy, but if he steps inside the circle impact, he is invisible for a small amount of time, giving him a slight advantage.