Editing in Good FaithEdit

All contributions to Taichi Panda Wiki should be made with the intention of improving the Wiki. Reasonable effort should be made towards ensuring that any information added is accurate. Please attempt to match the page styles found on similar pages.

Assuming Good FaithEdit

It is assumed that all editors are making all edits in Good Faith, until there is sufficient evidence to prove otherwise. When an edit with good information is made but does not fit in style, an attempt should be made to properly format it rather than just removing the content. When there is a disagreement over an edit, a discussion should take place and a consensus reached rather than engaging in an "edit war".

Edits against Good FaithEdit

Actions such as trolling and vandalism are not considered to be in Good Faith. Such edits are not welcome here. When it is clear an edit was not made in Good Faith, appropriate corrective action may be taken. Any user is capable of undoing an edit made against Good Faith in articles. To undo edits made without Good Faith in protected areas may require some administrator's rights. Those members of staff may be contacted about the matter on their message walls.

See AlsoEdit

For more information about good faith, please visit Wikia's article at Help:Assuming good faith.

-Originally taken from DragonVale Wiki