The Decathlon is one of the ways you can use Fortitude in the game. In the Decathlon, you will fight 10 opponents in a row, without having healing in between in most instances. However, for some battles you get your health multiplied by 2 or 3, so this allows you to heal. In addition, you can also receive damage boosts, increased mama costs, and special effects with certain pets during a battle. These boosts only last for one battle. Beating opponents in the Decathlon gives you gold and Eye Stones, as well as other good items such as Soulstones and Market Tokens. Eye Stones can be used in the Decathlon store to buy gold, shards, Siderite, and Hades Soulstones. There are 3 difficulties to Decathlon:

Normal- This is where you fight people that are significantly lower level than you are. This is the recommended mode for beginners.

Hard- This is where you fight players of around the same strength level as you. This is recommended for intermediate players and also rewards more Gold and Eye Stones than Normal mode does.

Master- This is where you fight the best players in the game. Often, these players are higher level than you, and fighting 10 in a row with no healing makes for a very difficult challenge. This recommended only for very talented and high level players and rewards more Gold and Eye Stones than Normal and Hard. In addition, this mode also puts up a high score time that other players can see if you beat it.