Noobs F2P guide to Taichi Panda:

1.  This is a cash shop game.  Expect to get rocked by a 10 year old with daddys credit card.  Good news is 90% of players are normaly F2P.

2.  Don't spend your diamonds on anything.  They are the "in game currency" from real money.  Game will dump about 5000 on you to start first few weeks, then dry up.  You will need them when they start nerfing curent gear.  Cost 40 diamonds to Refine current gear to get all your Refinement Stones back.  Also, its no accident the gem icon and crystal icon look almost identical in the Market page.  Expect to lose some diamonds here from human error.

3. At level 28 STOP LEVELING.  As a free to play player you will be short on gold and upgrade gear/Sliderite to upgrade your gear.  Simple fix, STOP leveling.  Only run Team Instances that are Hard, cuz they pay Warrior Certificates.  Gold will quickly pile up at about 400,000 a day by doing the Daily Tasks and grinding the Elite and Survive dungeons (they dont level your hero) on fist 3 maps.

..... more to come,

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