Damage is one of the main stats all characters, pets, and enemies have. It is a base number used to calculate the actually output from any given attack or skill.


Basic CalculationEdit

To calculate the amount of damage actually dealt, you first take the base Damage stat. Depending on the Skill, there will be a "##% of damage" dealt. Multiply this percentage to get the output of damage.

This means that: (Damage) * (Skill percent) = (Damage Output)

So, for example, for a character with 200 Damage and a skill that deals 150% damage:

200 * 1.5 = 300 damage output.

Continuous DamageEdit

Some skills will have a form of continuous damage, in which their ability will deal a specific amount of damage ever second or fraction of a second for a period of time. This usually includes two values:

Increment - measurement of how often this damage will be dealt. Duration - length of time the effect will last for.

For this type of skill, the damage is measured:

((Damage) * (Skill percent)) / (Increment) * (Duration) = (Damage Output)

So, for example, for a character with Damage of 200, and a skill that deals 50% damage ever 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds will have:

((200) * (.5)) / (0.5) * 4 = 800 total damage output


Some skills will actually recover some HP for themselves or team mates. This is often calculated as a percent of their damage, and is similar to a simple attack.

Critical HitEdit

In addition to basic damage, characters often have a Crit Rate and Crit Damage stat.

The Crit Rate is the likelihood that the character's Basic Attack will deal a Critical Hit. The Crit Damage is a percentage, which is added on to the normal Damage output in the event of a Critical Hit.

So if a character were to land a Critical Hit, with Damage 200 and Crit Damage 75%, they would output a total of 350 Damage.

Damage Reduction and DeflectionEdit

There are also some defensive stats which can come with powerful equipment. These include Damage Reduction and Damage Deflect

Damage Reduction - a certain amount of damage that is deducted from that being dealt upon a character. Ex: with Damage Reduction of 20, an attack normally dealing 200 would only hurt that character 180.

Damage Deflection - a percent of damage that is not felt, and dealt back upon enemies who are attacking. So with a character under attack for damage 200, with a Damage Deflection of 10%, they would suffer 180, and 20 of that damage would deflect back on the attacker.