When it comes to fisticuffs, you don’t want to mess with this panda.

Base StatsEdit

Base Stats
Health 3000
Damage 290


Skill Description Base Output
Basic Attack Recovery - Recover’s players Health by 3% of Pet’s Damage 8.7 hero HP recover
Wine Mist Launches several flaming balls of wine, dealing 150% damage to each target it hits 435 (per hit)
Barrage Deals a series of vicious Taichi strikes, each dealing 93% Damage and stunning target for 1 second 270 (per hit)

Rare SkillEdit

Silence: Silences all enemies within 4.5 meters, leaving them unable to attack. Lasts 4.5 seconds.

You can learn more about how to calculate the damage from different skills by visiting the page on Calculating Damage